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Individual Tutoring

We can set up one-on-one sessions with you at your home or business. Whether you’ve recently purchased a computer and need help setting up or you are simply trying to navigate, we can help. Got a new phone or tablet? We can help you learn all you need to be a pro! No job is too big or too small. We’ve got experienced tutors with a wide range of exptertise. We recommend tutoring sessions be no longer than 2 hours so you can practice and retain what was taught to you. When you are ready for more, just give us a call!

Corporate Computer Training

Once we assess where your employees need training, we can customize any workshop to fit the needs of your office staff. Personalizing the curriculum to target the tasks your employees use most is one of our specialties. Sit back and let us do the work. We will get your employees up to speed with the programs you use frequently so that they immediately experience increased productivity and confidence with these programs so you can experience an increased bottom line.  Ask about our portable classroom.  If you’e got the space, we’ll bring the equipment and set up shop right at your location.

Remote Computer Assistance

We can help you get out of a sticky situation on a moments notice. Using remote software, there is no need for any installation on the client side and you can have instant help with a simple click or call. It is safe to use and always secure. We can help walk you through your more complicated task so you can move on to other things. And you never have to leave your home or office, and neither do we!

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